Daniel E. Collins

Chair, Slavic and East European Languages and Literatures
The Ohio State University
400 Hagerty Hall
1775 College Road
Columbus, OH 43210-1340
Phone: (614) 292-7791
Fax: (614) 688-3107

In June 2006 Dr. Collins presented a paper entitled "'Irregular' Absolute Constructions in Early Slavic Syntax: A Functional/Pragmatic Approach" at the East Coast Indo-European Studies Conference; he presented a revised version of the same paper at the Slavic Linguistics Society Conference in September 2006.  He is co-editor, along with Miroljub Jokovic, Predrag Matejic, and M.A. Johnson, of Love of Learning and Devotion to God in Orthodox Monasteries: Selected Proceedings of the 5th International Hilandar Conference, vol. 1 (Belgrade/Columbus, 2006).  His article "Indirectness in Legal Speech Acts: An Argument against Evolution out of Ritual" is under consideration at the Journal of Pragmatics.  Dr. Collins is also the author of two just published articles: "Speech Reporting and the Suppression of Orality in Seventeenth-Century Russian Trial Dossiers," Journal of Historical Pragmatics 7:265-292; and "Mixed Blessings: From Benediction to Command in Medieval Slavia Orthodoxa."  He is currently working on an article on the myth of language loss in the medieval Legend of Salonica (for the American Proceedings of the upcoming International Congress of Slavists) and another on delocutivization and pragmatic metonymy in semantic shifts.  His long-term project is a monograph on monstrosity and evil in Slavic folk beliefs.

In Summer 2006, Dr. Collins co-directed the Medieval Slavic Summer Institute, along with Predrag Matejic.  In 2006-7 he will be teaching Slavic 130 (Introduction to Slavic Cultures: The Vampire in Eastern European and American Culture) and Medieval and Renaissance Studies 213 (Medieval Moscow).